Q. What should I expect at my Design Center appointment?
A. You will meet privately with our Design Consultant to make choices for the interior of your new home. Typically, we are able to give you prices as we go along, making the process as seamless as possible. You will see a variety of kitchen layouts from “Standard” to “Designer” to “Gourmet.” Samples of standard features and upgrade options are available for your selection.

Q. How long should I expect to be at the appointment?
A. Everyone is different, but generally one 2-4 hour session is standard. We will accommodate an additional appointment if needed. Please note, that it is important to keep the appointments fairly close together so that we can keep construction of your new home on schedule.

Q. What options are available?
A. Just about everything. Cabinetry, granite, tile, carpet, hardwood, vinyl, knobs & pulls, faucets, sink lighting, etc.

Q. What happens after the selections are done?
A. When all of your selections have been made, our Design Consultant will prepare a selection sheet with final cost for your review & signature. At that time, a 20% deposit is required in order to continue with the construction process.